Post Interference: Nicaragua

For the next two weeks I will be in Nicaragua so the blog will not be updated until I return from my trip. While in the Central American country I will be keeping a journal and paying close attention to the state of the society after over 153 years of direct American involvement (although that involvement isn’t completely severed). I will also try to research how the government plans to address climate change and what affect those changes may currently be exacting on the country.

I have to say, the choice to go to Nicaragua was quite random. Several of my former roommates were planning to go there because a friend of theirs currently lives in the North Western portion of the country. I was subsequently invited and could not turn down the opportunity. For me, it is interesting to note the similarities between portions of that nations past and large portions of the current invasion of Iraq.

Both regions held real material resources that stood to be either exploited or withheld from outside parties (oil and a canal connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific). Both regions were infiltrated by U. S. sanctioned regime changers (Saddam’s CIA backers and the countless American led changes of regime in Nicaragua from the conservatives of 1909 to the Samoza dynasty to the Contras). Both were heavily influenced by ‘National Armies’ personally trained and armed by the United States (Samoza’s Guardia Nacional and the New Iraqi Military & Police).

The difference that I want to explore and note is the fact that Nicaragua has been dealing with this for almost 200 years while Iraq has only dealt with U.S. interference for roughly 50.

I’ll be sure to have a full report for you all when I get back.

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  1. Hi Jack,
    I am so proud of you and I am sure that you will bring a lot of information to the people here in the US, since your good heart demande that you share your knowledge with others.
    Keep the good work.

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