A Practical Guide to Online Security

With the recent revelation of extensive NSA spying, many questions¬† have jumped to the forefront: What is the history and extent of the surveillance? What is the Obama Administration’s relationship to the surveillance program?¬† How can we secure our Anonymity online?

For over 18 months I have been working on a document that answers these questions. The result is ‘Anonymity in the Swarm: a practical guide to online security’.

Main aims of the manual:

Demystify Technology by explaining key aspects of current technology in every-day language.

Provide a framework for action by showing how various tools can be used to securely browse the internet, send/receive encrypted email, etc. all in a step-by-step fashion.

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  1. WAY TO GO! When I get my website up and running I would love to host a copy of this there, and/or a link to your site here, if that’s okay? Keep on rockin the net!

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