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Movement Building with Liberatory Messaging: Combating the Assault On Our Minds

WheatpastingIn a society where white supremacy, capitalism, militarism, patriarchy and consumerism assault our psyche daily, Interruption is essential. Interruption means combating and stopping the constant flow of demoralizing propaganda,  and introducing people to positive propaganda – or, simply put, liberatory messaging. These Interruptions, driven by liberatory messages, are the lifeblood of resistance. They give birth to the  breaks in “normalcy” needed to open up space for individuals to engage with new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing and new ways of doing. And, because Interruptions are so essential, it is important to understand the different forms they can take and how these different forms bring about specific types of breaks in normalcy. Continue Reading

Orange & Tangerine Jam!

Orange Jam!Let me paint a picture for you:
A fruit you love comes into season. You find it all over the place – from local trees to your grocery store – but, then, as quickly as it arrived it is gone. The season is over.

At the heart of it, this is a story about nature itself. Everything has a season and everything comes to an end, but what if you want the good times to roll on a bit longer? One way we can keep the our favorite fruits around longer is to preserve them.
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