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Movement Building with Liberatory Messaging: Combating the Assault On Our Minds

WheatpastingIn a society where white supremacy, capitalism, militarism, patriarchy and consumerism assault our psyche daily, Interruption is essential. Interruption means combating and stopping the constant flow of demoralizing propaganda,  and introducing people to positive propaganda – or, simply put, liberatory messaging. These Interruptions, driven by liberatory messages, are the lifeblood of resistance. They give birth to the  breaks in “normalcy” needed to open up space for individuals to engage with new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing and new ways of doing. And, because Interruptions are so essential, it is important to understand the different forms they can take and how these different forms bring about specific types of breaks in normalcy. Continue Reading

Solidarity with the California Prisoner Strikes

Nearly 1% of the U.S. population is now imprisoned.  Three times as many are under some other form of judicial control:  probation, supervision, parole, house arrest, etc.  These millions are not managed as people, capable of political speech and participation in community, but as bodies to be herded in and out of cages.  A myriad of measures have been developed over the past decades to silence prisoners and penalize them for speaking or writing about their conditions. Continue Reading

The Egyptian Protest Manual

In the run-up to the protests in Egypt a manual was created and disseminated to the people. The title of the manual was ‘How to Protest Intelligently’. This booklet laid down a concrete strategy with key tactics for the resistance to follow. It also outlined what personal equipment protesters should procure and the best ways to utilize this equipment.

Although not as detailed as the Warrior Manual, the Egyptian Manual is noteworthy for a number of reasons. First, it is an exceptional example of a ‘general resistance’ being packaged and formulated to fit the needs of a specific local situation. In other words, it is not the same-old stale attempt either to assess “the material conditions of resistance” or to hastily apply a political philosophy from one region/time to a completely different situation. In fact, the manual is remarkably devoid of any overarching philosophical treatise – whether sociological or political. Some may see this as a flaw because it can leave a movement directionless after it’s actions are complete. But, it is also true that it is easier for citizens to get on board with a plan of action whose aims are straightforward and not unduly philosophical. Continue Reading

Cultivate a Warrior Spirit: Crowd Control & Riot Manual

2011 has been a year of worldwide resistance, and with no end in sight to the draconian austerity measures, the retreating or complete disappearance of the social sector and the propping up of dictatorial regimes rebellion will inevitably metastasize. Whether in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, or the US all popular demands and challenges to the dominant system have one thing in common: physical confrontation with State power. But how should these confrontations materialize? What, if any, are the rules of engagement? Do State forces have a gameplan? These are some of the questions the Warrior Crowd Control Manual directly and indirectly addresses. Continue Reading