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Being Gone

Though seemingly benign, ‘presence’ and the lack thereof play an interesting role in the human condition. In essence these two states (‘presence’ and the lack of ‘presence’) correspond to the sensory input one is subjected to, but this sensory input has effects on an individual even when the sensory data is no longer present. That is, being Gone does not necessarily correlate with what one would normally imagine (due to the colloquial definition of ‘gone’), because the entity in question is not truly ‘gone’.

In other words, we must not confuse being Gone with being Absent. The difference is that influence continues to exist in the former, but does not in the latter. Continue Reading

A Treatise on Power – Part II

As promised in A Treatise on Power: Part I: The Relationship between the Powered and the Powerless, here is a continuation of my exploration of power dynamics.

A Treatise on Power:
II. The Weakness of Force


Although naked force – the ultimate strength of the powered – physically has the ability to quell any resistance from the powerless, it is not all-powerful. Firstly, the increased energy required by the powered to suppress the contumacious ultimately limits its strength. This is because the more the powerless perceive they are on the receiving end of injustice, the greater the degree of this injustice and the greater the abruptness of the injustice (in contrast to a steadily building injustice), the greater the likelihood that the powerless will rebel (by whatever means available to them, no matter how desperate). Continue Reading

A Critique of Profit: and other economic issues

Bailouts, corporate greed and American towns that have veritably outlived their usefulness have been at the forefront of current news. But, profit and motive, important variables in these three phenomena, have received much less attention. Who controls profit and why? Why are we shackled to a paradigm unquestionably dedicated to continuous commodity production and what are the effects of this framework? Continue Reading

A Philosophy of Food

On Friday, February 6th, I was part of a panel speaking about food with a group of high school students (freshmen and sophomores at The Academy in Brooklyn). The panel consisted of numerous people from different camps of food philosophy (a freegan, a vegan, numerous vegetarians, an adherent of Kosher eating, a rasta and a local food eater). Each of us had a chance to explain our philosophy of food and answer the students questions. What follows is an adaptation of my presentation:
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